Campus carry is now a reality in Tennessee but not many people are taking advantage.

The Tennessean reports.

Tiny fraction of employees sign up to carry guns on campus

Full-time college employees are now allowed to carry guns on campus, but only a small percentage of those employees have indicated they will do so, according to information from several law enforcement agencies.

A law allowing employees at public universities with the necessary permits to carry a concealed firearm went into effect Friday. But before they can carry their weapons on school grounds, employees need to alert campus or local law enforcement.

As of this week, a small fraction of the 27,000 eligible employees at the Tennessee Board of Regents and University of Tennessee college systems had chosen to take advantage of the new law, according to multiple agencies.

Police at UT-Knoxville had fielded requests from 72 employees who wanted to be able to bring their guns on campus, a spokeswoman there said Thursday.

At Middle Tennessee State University, 15 to 20 of about 2,000 eligible employees had asked law enforcement to carry guns on campus, according to an estimate from the school’s police chief, Buddy Peaster. Peaster added that he expects more employees to register there through the rest of the month.

Other state schools have seen significantly lower interest in the law, which won wide support in the General Assembly despite strong opposition from higher education officials and campus law enforcement.