Idaho and Texas are poised to allow campus carry and preparations are being made.

Campus Reform reports.

Colleges prepare for campus carry

Starting today, Idaho residents aged 21 and older can now carry a concealed weapon without a permit nearly anywhere in the state, including on college campuses.

Idaho Senate Bill 1389, which was passed earlier this year, is a revision of a previous Idaho statute, which already allowed concealed carry without a permit except in municipalities, within city limits, and other public areas that independently required a permit to carry.

To loosen restrictions on gun owners, the legislature repealed this clause through SB 1389. Despite some concern about a lack of required training for those who will conceal carry, Republican Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed it into law on March 25, allowing any resident 21 and over to carry a weapon without a permit or firearm training.

“The legislature hereby finds that the people of Idaho have reserved for themselves the right to keep and bear arms while granting the legislature the authority to regulate the carrying of weapons concealed,” SB 1389 declares in its opening section…

In June 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the highly controversial Senate Bill 11, which allows all public Texas college and university students to carry a concealed weapon. Texas’ private colleges, however, may choose to opt out of the law and not participate.

Of Texas’ 38 private universities, 34 will not allow campus carry. The other four have not made a decision and have until August 1 to opt in or out, reports The Texas Tribune.