We’re going to try to find the film or a clip to share tomorrow. This sounds very interesting.

FOX News reports.

Brown alum’s film blasts PC culture at Ivy League school

Brown University officials give an alumni’s short film on censorship at the Ivy League school low marks, but the man behind the camera says students and faculty have told him it is “spot on.”

Rob Montz, who graduated in 2005 with a degree in philosophy, returned to the Providence, R.I., school to film and narrate a 13-minute documentary on the state of free speech at his alma mater. His findings, that the vaunted university’s liberal-minded administration stifled conservative voices, struck a chord with students and professors, he said.

“There hasn’t been a single student on campus or a single professor who I’ve been contacted by who’s said I was wrong,” he told FoxNews.com of the film called “Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?”

When Montz attended the school more than a decade ago, Republicans were few, but allowed to be heard, he said. He recalled the predominately liberal college maintained an academic climate that allowed for open inquiry and debate. What Montz found upon his return was that administrators have given in to the politically correct demands of students and the fears of being on the “wrong” side of a societal debate.

“The rational and robust clash of ideas is what fuels innovation and human progress,” Montz warned, adding that an attack on the open sharing of ideas is an attack on “democracy and society.”