Do you want to really impress your progressive friends on campus? Change your major to Transgender Studies.

The Daily Caller reports.

Taxpayer-Funded University Will Offer Degree Focusing On Dudes Who Dress Up As Women

The taxpayer-funded University of Arizona will officially launch America’s first transgender studies program.

The program, which will confer master’s degrees, is slated to launch as early as fall 2017, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Arizona’s transgender studies program will focus on sex, gender, cultural issues, political issues and the life experiences of men who act like they are women and women who act like they are men.

The transgender studies program will be the end result of the public school’s Transgender Studies Initiative, which was introduced in 2013.

In preparation for Arizona’s transgender studies program, administrators have hired three professors. They are currently housed in the departments of women’s studies, anthropology and religious studies.

The school expects to hire a fourth professor for the new program as well.

“The three people who had been hired were all white, and we were really trying to prioritize hiring faculty of color,” Susan Stryker, the taxpayer-funded professor in charge of the transgender studies program, told Inside Higher Ed.

Stryker currently leads Arizona’s Institute for LGBT Studies.