Many schools are experiencing a problem with mumps so this isn’t unexpected news.

MLive reports.

Unvaccinated college students may be barred from campus if mumps confirmed

Calvin College students who have no record of being vaccinated for mumps have been contacted and advised that come Monday, May 9 they may be required to leave campus immediately for 26 days by order of the Kent County Health Department.

The notice comes in the wake of a suspected case of mumps on campus. Laboratory tests to confirm whether the diagnosis is correct are due by mid-day Monday, health officials said.

Unvaccinated students will be offered a choice — be vaccinated, or if the test results come back positive on Monday, those students who choose not to be vaccinated will be barred from campus.

It was not immediately known how many of the school’s enrolled 3,990 students might be affected, or whether the mumps case involves a student.

“While we recognize that this situation represents a potentially serious disruption to the remainder of this academic year, the college will work with impacted students to accommodate a successful finish,” said a statement to students on the college website.

Students have been advised to check the Calvin Health Services website for further updates to this situation.