As if things at Mizzou weren’t bad enough, now this.

The FIRE blog reports.

Speech Code of the Month: University of Missouri

FIRE announces its Speech Code of the Month for May 2016: the University of Missouri.

For months now, the University of Missouri (UM) has been the focus of extensive news coverage—and criticism from all sides—for its handling of student protests on campus. Largely missing from that coverage, however, is the fact that UM maintains written policies restricting its students’ constitutionally protected free speech rights.

Of particular note is the university’s policy on the “Sale and Distribution of Non-University Publications.” The definition of a “non-university publication” is broad; it includes “any publication not officially published by the University or by a University-recognized student organization.” So, if you are a student or unrecognized student group who wishes to distribute literature on campus, your publication would fall under this definition.

For these publications, the university requires (among other things) that:

  • “The sale or distribution of any non-University publication must be approved in writing by Administrative Services prior to distribution,” and
  • “The publication must carry the name and address of the publisher, and the names of the several editors and officers of the publication.”