This is ironic coming from a man who lives in a house protected by a fence that’s about to get five feet higher.

USA Today reports.

Obama at Rutgers: Walls won’t stop change

Evoking fat sandwiches, college football and even Bruce Springsteen, President Barack Obama went Jersey on Sunday, motivating and mesmerizing more than 10,000 Rutgers University graduates and their more than 40,000 guests at High Point Solutions Stadium.

“I am here — off (New Jersey Turnpike) Exit 9, on the banks of the old Raritan,” Obama said. “At the site of one of the original nine Colonial colleges. Winners of the first ever college football game, one of the newest members of the Big Ten, home of what I understand to be a grease truck for a fat sandwich — mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers on your cheesesteaks. I’m sure Michelle (Obama) would approve. But somehow you have survived such death-defying acts.”

“I suspect that a few of you are trying to survive today after a late night at Olde Queens,” he added to knowing laughter…

After a few digs directed at an unnamed presidential candidate and certain members of Congress, Obama gave five “suggestions” for the graduates to take to heart as they make their way in the world, including: “Those longing for the good old days — take them with a grain of salt,” the need to “Be more interconnected — building walls won’t do that,” “In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue,” “Have faith in democracy” and “Gear yourself for the long haul.”

Obama advised the newly graduated to not “be afraid of the future” and “to get to work.”

“It is your turn now,” he said near the end of his address. “Make sure the next 250 years are better than the last. God bless you.”