The students also want a tuition freeze. Math is hard.

Campus Reform reports.

CSU students stage die-in to demand lower tuition, diversity funding

Students across the California State University (CSU) system are threatening to starve themselves until their school forks over $8 million for diversity funding, and some are even staging “die-ins” along the way.

On Monday, ten students played dead in front of the president’s office at the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) for nearly an hour to protest a recent increase in administrative salaries.

“Recently, [die-ins have been] used in all sorts of social justice movements, and I think it’s really good at getting the message across that whatever you’re organizing against is on the demise,” sophomore Mick Bruckner told The Mustang News.

“Education is under attack. What do we do? Stand up, fight back!” protesters chanted.

“The CSU don’t want none unless you got funds, hon,” one protester’s sign said, spoofing the hit song “Baby Got Back.”

Students were protesting both a scheduled hike in tuition fees as well as an alleged lack of funding for the system’s diversity offices.

“I’m angry and I want other people to be angry with me because we’re paying for this institution. We’re paying for the resources that we deserve and I think it’s time to get them so we can graduate and make our economy great,” said student protester Shiba Bandeeba at San Francisco State University (SFSU), even though the CSU system is coming out of a four-year tuition freeze.

At least four of Bandeeba’s peers are refusing to eat until their school allots $8 million in funds to the college of ethnic studies. Since the students announced their hunger strike, SFSU administrators have agreed to hand over $200,000 to SFSU’s diversity office.