Republican students at Cornell are warming to the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports.

Cornell Republicans Flock to Trump, Fearing Clinton

Many members of Cornell Republicans have said they plan to rally behind ‘presumptive’ presidential nominee Donald Trump, citing the urgency of barring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the White House.

Olivia Corn ’19, chair of Cornell Republicans, said that while she does not agree with all of Trump’s stances, she plans to vote for him as the lesser of two evils, stressing the damage that would result if Clinton were to assume the presidency.

“I cannot speak for every individual in the organization, but for me at this point, I will be voting for Donald Trump,” Corn said. “While he is a flawed candidate, his values more closely align with mine than Hillary Clinton’s. Voting third party is not an option for me because a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary Clinton, and this election is too important for that to happen.”

David Navadeh ’19, second vice chair of Cornell Republicans, agreed with Corn, saying that although Trump is not his ideal nominee, both parties must band together to block Clinton.

“Many Republicans, myself included, are dismayed to see Donald Trump become our nominee,” Navadeh said. “However, the worst case scenario is Hillary Clinton becoming President, with Republicans and many Democrats alike wanting to make sure that never happens.”