Just what this country needs, another horrible campus protest.

The College Fix reports.

Is University of Wisconsin-Madison the next Mizzou? Some say ‘race war’ brewing


“Racizm in the air.” “Don’t breathe, God.” “White supremacy iz a disease.” “Fuck the Police.” “The devil iz a white man.”

Those are some of the spraypainted messages that have greeted students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison over the last six months. Recently, campus police arrested the student suspected of the vandalism. The 21-year-old has yet to be formally charged.

Police said they had trouble apprehending the black, male suspect — so they had nabbed him during his black visual culture class last week. A University of Wisconsin Police Department officer entered his classroom and asked him into the hallway, according to Chancellor Rebecca Blank.

“The student was subsequently arrested on 11 counts of vandalism to university buildings and a charge of disorderly conduct,” Blank added in an online statement.

That — a police officer arresting a suspect on campus — had caused a chain reaction among students and professors at the university, who have accused the institution, its police, and many others of hate and racism, the institutional kind as well as garden-variety racism.

‘Police murder people’

Yesterday, a massive walkout took place on campus called “We Are GOD: A Day of Disrupting white Supremacy & Anti-Black Racism at UW-Madison.” Hundreds took part, mostly students along with some faculty.

Facebook posts show they held signs saying “Art iz not a crime,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Education not incarceration.” One protester wore a sweatshirt stating: “Police murder people.”

A large statue of Abraham Lincoln — similar to the one at the mall in Washington D.C. — that sits in the campus quad was covered with a black tarp and a list of demands. Demonstrators want the probe against the suspect, who uses the alias “King Shabazz,” to be completely dismissed, and that he be allowed to graduate. They also demand that any officer or administrator involved in the “King Shabazz” arrest to resign.