The campus Trump meltdown continues apace.

KOGO News reports.

UCSD “Victimized” By Pro-Trump Signs (Pictures)

If you visit UCSD on any given day, you will see a variety of Obama, Sanders, and Clinton promotional materials. Chalking statements and causes on the ground at UCSD is pretty routine and accepted – some would say even encouraged.

Except if those chalking statements mention support for Donald Trump. In that case, the UCSD Administration will launch a formal investigation and issue an apology statement to students.

What caused the uproar? Pictures of the chalking show simple statements like “Trump 2016” and “Make America Great Again.” Also included were “Build the Wall” and “Mexico will pay.” Apparently those are considered “racist” remarks by the UCSD Administration. View the pictures of these “offensive statements” HERE

This is not a story about Trump and racism. It’s actually a story about more politically-correct and anti-free speech nonsense from liberal elite college extremists.

Here’s the statement released by the UCSD Chancellor:

A series of incidents occurring on college and university campuses across the United States have reflected our nation’s current divisive political climate. Unfortunately, late Friday evening graffiti promoting the deportation of undocumented immigrants and the construction of a wall on the border of Mexico was discovered chalked on UC San Diego’s campus sidewalks. This graffiti runs counter to our campus values of equity and inclusion. We value diversity and respect for all cultures.

UC San Diego is steadfast in the commitment to our Principles of Community which reflect a collective dedication to a campus where we uphold each individual’s right to dignity, justice and respect. We affirm the Principles of Community as the guide for all campus citizens as we move forward to foster the best working and learning environment.