These students don’t seem to have any sense of how controversial this is.

The Extract reports.

UC Berkley students claim on-site abortion clinic necessary for proper education

For generations, American college students have been able to venture off campus to perform any number of errands. A group of students at the far-left University of California at Berkley, however, recently stretched the bounds of reason by claiming the absence of an on-site abortionist is somehow oppressive.

Aanchal Chugh, who sponsored a resolution that would provide abortion services free of charge, i.e., at taxpayer expense, attempted to defend her stance:

We feel that student health is something that the administration has not been focused on. And it’s important for students to do well academically.

Explaining why she feels students should not foot the bill of their own abortions, she suggested “that health is a right, not a privilege,” and that the “university should be providing this right to all students.”