He defended a student who opposes gay marriage.

The College Fix reports.

Suspended Marquette prof RIPS into president for demanding apology in gay-marriage dispute

Prof. John McAdams has made it clear that he’s going to sue Marquette University for suspending and banishing him from campus on the pretext that he somehow threatened campus safety by defending a student who opposes gay marriage.

But first he’s going to publicly rip into the head of the Jesuit school for blatantly violating his due process as a tenured faculty member.

President Michael Lovell told McAdams in a letter last month he’d have to admit his “guilt” for blogging about a graduate student instructor’s silencing of a conservative undergrad, or otherwise would be fired, according to McAdams’ lawyer. Lovell’s decision is based on third-party hate mail the instructor, Cheryl Abbate, received following McAdams’ post that named her.