Is there some connection here, other than the fact that Jesuit schools tend to lean left?

Red Alert Politics reports.

28 Jesuit college student body presidents endorse #BlackLivesMatter

In a move of solidarity, the student body presidents of all 28 Jesuit universities came together to sign on to a letter released Monday morning. Its purpose was to “publicly stand in solidarity” with students and allies “calling for an end to racial injustice within institutions of higher education.”

The letter presented a positive view of “protests, demonstrations, and online activism events” at colleges known for recent protests, such as the University of Missouri and Claremont McKenna College. The presidents also evoked the Catholic faith and “a duty to humanity” from the Jesuit tradition to fight against the perceived injustices.

The letter read, in part:

This is a movement that strives for a nation that upholds its constitutional pledge that all citizens be granted equal treatment before the law. It resonates with our Catholic tradition, which recognizes the inherent dignity and value of every human — naming specifically the human dignity of students of color.

While the intent of the letter may have been good, it was bold to evoke “our Catholic tradition” in such a way. The letter also took a rather one-sided view of the protests, ignoring how students have advocated to curb free speech that they deem offensive. Free speech also happens to be a constitutional right, lest these Jesuit student body presidents forget.

Dartmouth College is not mentioned in the letter. Still, the signatories would likely agree that Black Lives Matter activists who stormed the library while students were preparing for exams and verbally assaulted them, were not recognizing “the inherent dignity and value of every human.”