Another fine example of progressives silencing voices they don’t like.

The Fire blog reports.

CIA Director’s Talk Shut Down by Protesters at Penn

In what was no April Fool’s Day prank, three pairs of protesters at the University of Pennsylvania disrupted and ultimately shut down Friday’s talk by Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan. The lecture—hosted by two of my alma maters, the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Penn’s Fels Institute of Government Administration, and moderated by one of my former professors and mentors, former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies—was intended to be a “conversation on modern foreign policy issues, national security, and the future of the global fight against terrorism.”

As reported in The Daily Pennsylvanian, a few minutes into the event, a pair of protesters stood up in the audience, held a sign and started chanting “drones kill kids” and “U.S. out of the middle east.”

Responding to the protesters, Penn Law Dean Ted Ruger and Professor Margolies both tried to spur a dialogue by asking the protesters if they wanted to hear Brennan’s response to their criticisms. But those pleas were ignored by the protesters. At one point, Dean Ruger asked the protesters “Are you trying to silence him?” After a roughly three-minute disruption, including chants of “black lives matter” and “murderers,” the protesters were escorted out of the event.