Roughly 200 students attended Northwestern Sex Week’s finale event Friday night.

The College Fix reports.

Students get oral-sex demonstration using grapefruit and a tarp at Northwestern

If there’s one thing students need to succeed in this economy, it’s better oral-sex skills.

That’s what you might take away from the Friday finale of Northwestern University’s Sex Week: a demonstration of six oral-sex techniques from Chicago-based sex educator Auntie Angel. (She has 50 in total.)

The Daily Northwestern reports that Angel’s show drew 200 students who witnessed the self-described “intimacy and relations expert specializing in fellatio” get close and personal with a healthy breakfast:

At the start of Angel’s presentation, a number of students who brought their own grapefruits raised their citrus fruits high as an homage to a viral video in which Angel demonstrates a fellatio technique involving a grapefruit.