If recent history is any guide, the administration will probably cave.

The Guardian reports.

Duke University sit-in outside president’s office enters fourth day

Protesters camped outside the office of Duke University’s president for a fourth day on Monday, demanding the firing of three administrators – including one accused of using a racial slur against a parking attendant – and calling for a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.

On Sunday, the college president, Richard Brodhead, met the protesters, who are occupying a waiting room inside the building that houses his office and those of other top administrators.

Nine students have been there since Friday afternoon. On Monday, the protesters remained in Allen Building, which is closed to the public, a Duke spokesman, Keith Lawrence, said.

Another spokesman, Michael Schoenfeld, initially said officials told the students they would face criminal trespassing charges, academic sanctions or both if they did not leave on Sunday.

But just before midnight, the school in Durham, North Carolina, issued a statement saying that “in order to facilitate productive dialogue and move towards a peaceful resolution”, the protesters would not be subject to student conduct sanctions or legal penalties.