As Campus Reform points out, this charge is totally bogus.

BC students demand change to ‘Eurocentric’ core curriculum

Students at Boston College (BC) are petitioning administrators to change the school’s core history requirement because it is too “Eurocentric.”

“After careful analysis of the core curriculum at Boston College, we, the students, have come to acknowledge the lack of core courses that expand beyond a Eurocentric focus, which is particularly evident with the history core,” their petition states.

A group of four BC students wrote the petition as part of an assignment for a theology class, which tasked students with the project of identifying an injustice on campus. In their petition, students argue that such a limited historical perspective stands contrary to the goal of a liberal arts education, which, they claim, is to establish a well-rounded individual…

Although BC’s core curriculum does place an emphasis on European history, it simultaneously encourages students to establish “an awareness of historical developments in other parts of the world” while “encouraging the sense of tolerance that results from an understanding and awareness of different cultures and parts of the world.”

Additionally, students are required to complete two courses in history, which can be selected from a wide range of topics, such as “Asia in the World,” “Atlantic Worlds,” “Globalization,” and “Understanding Race, Gender, and Violence.”

Only one course in the core history requirements for BC’s 2015-16 academic catalog explicitly mentions Europe, whereas there are four offerings of the “Globalization I” course.