It’s interesting that you rarely hear about incidents like this in the mainstream media.

Campus Reform reports.

UPDATE: Jewish frat covered in anti-Semitic graffiti at Brown University

UPDATE: The Brown Daily Herald reports that the graffiti in Marcy House said, “Gay will die,” and “Holocaust 2.0.”

Both Beta Rho Pi and Zeta Delta Xi released statements Saturday night saying, ““We are devastated and outraged that this anti-Semitic and homophobic hate crime — and to be clear, this is a hate crime — occurred in our home.”

Investigations by the university are still underway.

Brown University (BU) students received an email Friday morning alerting them to a “deeply offensive” incident in which homophobic, anti-Semitic, and threatening graffiti was written on walls, hallways, and bathrooms in a predominantly-Jewish fraternity house.

“Unfortunately, we write this morning to share details on such an incident – one that is deeply offensive and violates the most treasured values of this University,” the email said.

During the night, residents of Marcy House, home to the Jewish and LGBT fraternities Zeta Delta Xi and Beta Rho Pi, found “violent” and “threatening” anti-semitic and homophobic graffiti plastered around their house. The students contacted administrators and the Department of Public Safety, who responded immediately.

According to the email, obtained by Campus Reform, Public Safety, Campus Life, Hillel, and other departments worked with Marcy House residents throughout the night to remove the graffiti and to offer support to the affected students.