The war on men continues unabated.

The College Fix reports.

Harvard sexual-assault task force recommends nonstop training, eradication of male-only clubs

A Harvard University task force released its final report on sexual-assault prevention, and without hesitation, President Drew Faust approved its recommendations in an email to the campus.

Many will closely scrutinize what students do on and off campus and make sexual assault training mandatory. Several will go into effect by the start of the next school year, The Harvard Crimson reported.

Though the final report itself is mum on what to do about Harvard’s “final clubs,” the mutually-exclusive social organizations dating back to 1784 and boasting famous alumni, an appendix linked to the report argues that students should not be able to remain enrolled if they participate in a male-only, male-led club.

In 2014 Faust ordered the creation of the task force after a federal investigation began on the school’s Title IX compliance. The task force, consisting of students, faculty and administrators, released two interim reports in the 2014 and 2015 spring semesters.

The final report comes after an Association of American Universities survey last fall judged that 31 percent of participating female Harvard seniors – or 172 women – had experienced “nonconsensual sexual contact” in college.