Are we really at the point where student activists are going to be speech police for professors? It sure looks that way.

Campus Reform reports.

Stanford activists want to expel faculty for microaggressions

A new Stanford group which claims to be committed to improving faculty diversity has called for boycotts of Wells Fargo and the classification of ‘microaggressions’ as faculty hate speech.

This Friday, Who’s Teaching Us? (WTU) had planned to launch its platform of ‘demands’ to the student body at a large public event. However, the Stanford Review, a conservative student-run newspaper, was able to obtain a leaked draft of the group’s platform, and published it Sunday. WTU hastily published its own list of demands.

One prominent demand was a call to ban the current branch of Wells Fargo—the only commercial bank on campus—from operating at Stanford, because Wells Fargo discriminates against “Black and brown neighborhoods.” Their evidence for this constituted allegations of the coercion of African-Americans into mortgages in 2009, which Wells Fargo settled, and claims that Wells Fargo is invested in private prisons, an accusation the bank contested in an email to The Fountain Hopper, an anonymous email publication at the school.

Another demand is to “rework” Stanford’s Acts of Intolerance protocol—currently reserved for punishing hate speech by faculty—to accommodate microaggressions. Students who perceive faculty members’ comments as hurtful would, under WTU’s policy, have the right confidentially to report their faculty, and see them punished with suspension or even expulsion. WTU does not provide a definition of what might constitute a microaggression, but does demand that faculty take “cultural humility training” by the end of this academic year to prepare them.

WTU also calls for the school’s next president and provost to “break both the legacy of white leadership and cisgender male leadership.” This is a toned-down version of their original request that both positions be filled by “non-male people of color.”