She was invited by College Republicans as the group’s winter speaker.

North by Northwestern reports.

NU College Republicans invite journalist Katie Pavlich as winter speaker

Katie Pavlich, a conservative journalist, spoke to a crowd of more than 40 on Monday night. She was invited by College Republicans at the group’s winter speaker, and talked on issues such as millennial unemployment, “the battle of capitalism vs. socialism,” microaggressions and both sides of the 2016 presidential race.

The editor blamed these problems on President Obama’s economic policies and “big government intervention and meddling in our lives.” She went on to discuss how poverty and unemployment among millennials has led to the appeal of socialism over capitalism.

“That’s the result of socialism: Not having a positive outlook, thinking the American Dream is over, nearly a decade of being unemployed or underemployed and having young adults living at home with mom and dad,” Pavlich said. “But the bottom line is this: big government and socialism has an interest in delaying adulthood because it keeps young people in the unrealistic world of free stuff and a lack of consequences for actions and decisions.”