Even emails are adding to the debate.

Inside Higher Ed reports.

Justice Scalia, a Law School and Diversity of Thought

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has set off a debate at the Georgetown University law school about the appearance of institutional endorsements and intellectual diversity.

Some professors are criticizing the law school for a statement on Scalia’s death that they say ignores parts of his record with which many disagree. These professors shared their views in emails to all students and faculty members. And their sharing of their criticism of Scalia in that way has other professors saying that their positive views of Scalia are being denigrated and that students are thus being discouraged from expressing certain conservative or libertarian opinions.

The various emails are all being published online, adding to the debate.

The controversy started when the law school and the university issued press releases about Scalia, who received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown and who made a number of visits to the law school over the years, meeting with students and faculty members.