This is racism, straight up.

The College Fix reports.

Black, Democrat student called ‘Uncle Tom’ for defending free speech

Uncle Tom. Ben Carson. Clarence Thomas.

Those are just a few of the names 20-year-old Zach Wood said he has been called by peers this school year as a student at Williams College, an elite New England institution in rural Massachusetts.

But that’s not all. He’s been accused of promoting “violent ideologies” on campus — and dipping his hands in the blood of “black and brown (trans) femme sisters.”

Wood’s crime?

He’s the leader of an unofficial student group called Uncomfortable Learning that seeks to challenge students to think outside the progressive and preppy college’s so-called Purple Bubble by bringing thought-provoking speakers to campus.

Nevermind that Wood is a Democrat. Or that he’s planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. Or that his Facebook page is peppered with photos of him engaging with progressive leaders such as Susan Rice, Cornel West and Bernie Sanders.

Wood’s emphatic support of free thought, free speech, and freedom of academic and intellectual inquiry – even to the point that he invites speakers to campus that tout anti-feminist ideals and racially charged arguments – has made him an outsider among left-liberal peers and professors.

“I am to the left, I am a Democrat,” said Wood in an interview with The College Fix. “I just happen to be very open to hearing different ideas. … I have friends who are conservative and I agree with them on some things. I am definitely a moderate liberal.”

For that, the political science and philosophy major has a target on his back.

“I am black – I have been called an Uncle Tom, I have been called Ben Carson, it’s been said that I am Don Lemon’s child … I have been called Clarence Thomas,” Wood said.