Trigger warnings are super serious according to some students at Barnard College.

Eric Owens reports at the Daily Caller.

Girls At $62,741-Per-Year College Demand Trigger Warnings About The Real World

A student group at a fancypants women’s college on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has dedicated a whole wall of its student center to an art installation dedicated to the legitimacy and seriousness of trigger warnings.

The site of the tribute to trigger warnings is Barnard College, reports The College Fix.

The annual cost for tuition, mandatory fees and room and board at Barnard runs $62,741. That’s almost $10,000 more than the median annual household income in the United States.

The crowdsourced art exhibit created by the ladies of Barnard features a series of simple notes written on white pieces of paper. The pieces of paper are pinned on a rope stretching tautly along a wall.

“People asking for trigger warnings are the opposite of ‘coddled,’” reads one message.

“Trigger warnings are REAL and should be RESPECTED!” reads another.

“I have complex feelings about trigger warnings, but I think the opinions of those who they most affect should be prioritized,” reads a third.

Trigger warnings are notifications advising people that they may be about to view imagery or hear words which someone, somewhere might find offensive or somehow stressful. Such warnings are all the rage on some American college campuses.