The disappointing truth is that colleges aren’t doing nearly enough about this problem.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Shocking anti-Semitic trend on campuses: Are colleges doing enough?

Students at the University of Wisconsin are complaining about a lack of action from administrators following an anti-Semitic incident in one of the school’s residence halls. A student posted the now widely shared image of a dorm room door with pictures of swastikas and Hitler taped to it. According to the original post, the administration only required the offending party to issue an apology to the students of the room in Sellery Residential Hall after the Jan. 26 incident.

“If somebody wrote any of the universally forbidden terms — the r-word or the n-word — on a student’s door, then the campus would mobilize, speak out against ignorance in discussion sessions and clubs, and no doubt my professors would bring it up in lectures,” the student wrote on Facebook. “However, two weeks ago when swastikas are deliberately taped all over a Sellery dorm door of a Jewish student, the incident is shared with only a very small group they believe to have been affected. In fact, they isolated the incident entirely, having the resident apologize — that’s it. Where’s the speaking up? Where’s the protest? How come nobody found out? I’m disappointed.”

Local news reported that the students were “disciplined,” however, university officials said “federal law prohibits them from saying what disciplinary sanctions the student who posted the photos received.”

A UW-Madison senior, who asked to remain anonymous, told Red Alert Politics, “When I saw the picture on Facebook, I was utterly horrified that such anti-Semitism is still taking place… It just makes you wonder what in the world was going through this individual’s mind when he took the time to print pictures of swastikas and tape it to someone’s door. You want to think that society has come a long way, but the sad reality is, it hasn’t.”