Remember the professor who famously said “I need some muscle over here” in an effort to block a student journalist? She still has her job somehow.

Campus Reform reports.

Lawmakers call for firing of Mizzou prof. involved in student protests

More than 100 Missouri Republican lawmakers signed a letter addressed to the University of Missouri (Mizzou) Board of Curators calling for the immediate firing of Assistant Professor Melissa Click who received national attention after she was filmed yelling at reporters during a student protest in November.

Click was caught on video threatening a reporter who requested an interview with her during an on-campus protest at Mizzou. Click immediately turned down the reporter’s request for comment and told him he needed to leave the protest. The reporter stood his ground causing Click to call out for “muscle” to forcibly remove the reporter from the protest. The video shows Click swinging at the reporter’s camera, leading some state lawmakers to believe she “assaulted a student,” as their letter to the Board of Curators highlights.

The day after the protest, Click resigned her courtesy appointment in the journalism school but remains an assistant professor of communication at Mizzou. Now, 18 state senators have joined forces with their republican colleagues to oust Click from her post at Mizzou.

“We call on you to remove Click from her current position as assistant professor of mass media in the University’s Department of Communications and to deny her pending application for tenure,” lawmakers wrote to the Board of Curators at Mizzou just days before Christmas break.

State lawmakers argued that Click’s actions ran contrary to her role in the communication department, which is to teach and defend the First Amendment rights of aspiring journalists.