Democrats just don’t believe people should be able to defend themselves.

The Journal Times reported.

Democrats propose banning guns outright on college campuses

Three Democrats introduced legislation Wednesday to ban weapons on college campuses, two days after Republicans proposed their own bill to allow concealed carry license holders to bring guns inside the buildings of Wisconsin’s public colleges and universities.

The Democratic proposal would make carrying a weapon anywhere on campus a class I felony, and comes from Madison Reps. Chris Taylor, Melissa Sargent and Terese Berceau.

Under current law, anyone with a concealed weapons permit may carry a firearm on the grounds of public colleges and universities, though many of those institutions — including UW-Madison — prohibit weapons inside campus buildings.

The Democrats’ bill would make Wisconsin the 20th state in the country to ban concealed weapons on college campuses, but it is unlikely to move forward in a Legislature controlled by Republicans.

“Attempts to allow guns on campuses are dangerous and misguided,” the bill’s authors said in a co-sponsorship memorandum. “This common-sense bill ensures the safety of our students, staff and faculty.”

A proposal introduced Monday by Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, and Sen. Devin LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, would revoke the exception in the concealed carry law that allows colleges to ban guns from buildings, clearing the way for permit holders to bring weapons into classrooms, dormitories and stadiums. The bill is being circulated for co-sponsors.