Black Lives Matter makes its way into the academy once again.

Erica Baum reports at Campus Reform.

U. of Md. to extend Freddie Gray law course to undergrads

Amidst the onset of the trial against Officer William Porter last week over the death of Freddie Gray , the University of Maryland announced it is bringing its “Freddie Gray’s Baltimore” class to the school’s undergraduates.

Offered as MLAW374 as a part of the school’s undergraduate pre-law minor, the course description says the one-credit class aims to observe “the social context for police abuse and urban uprising,” as well as the “issues pertaining to Freddie Gray’s death including in areas of: criminal justice, police-minority community relations, housing, schools, and access to health care.”

Although the College Park campus is a bus ride away from the Baltimore law school, one of the course’s professors, Robert Koulish maintains, “the events that took place in Baltimore could happen in Prince George’s County, they could happen anywhere,” The Diamondback reported. “Now is a great time to facilitate these discussions and for our discussions to have a real world application.”

Michael Greenberger, the course’s co-instructor who taught the class at the law school, also thinks the course will be a relatable one for undergraduate students because “the inadequacies…in social programs for inner-city residents — are a national issue, and there is a lot of social and public policy involved,” he told The Diamondback. “There’s a lot of thinking and a lot of research that needs to be done, and I think students can contribute a lot.”