The school claims it’s part of a new policy to discourage drug abuse. reported.

University of Alabama quietly testing fraternity brothers for drugs

Every week, several members of the University of Alabama’s Sigma Nu fraternity chapter are randomly chosen to report to a cluster of dingy offices on the bottom floor of the school’s Russell Hall and urinate in a cup.

Though the compulsory exercise sounds like a rush-season hazing ritual, it is in fact a central component of a strict new anti-drug effort launched at the start of the fall semester.

Beginning this academic year, UA has been quietly drug-testing active members of multiple Greek organizations, including the Alabama chapters of the prominent Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternities, in the first run of a mandatory screening regime that some experts say is the boldest and most extensive in the nation.

Six current and former members of the impacted chapters told over the past month that they now require their members to submit to periodic urinalysis at a UA facility in order to maintain good standing with the organizations and the school. The university confirmed that it is drug-testing members of some Greek organizations, though it declined to say how many or which ones. In addition to testing urine, the university has played a role in testing samples of some fraternity members’ hair for evidence of drug use over a period of months.