Why not? Everyone else is doing it, right?

Peter Fricke reports at Campus Reform.

Cal Poly students submit laundry list of diversity demands

Even some supporters are pessimistic that officials at California Polytechnic State University will be able to meet all 41 demands for diversity initiatives listed in an extensive ultimatum from an unofficial student group Monday.

The demands were delivered to University President Jeffrey Armstrong, Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey, retiring Dean of Students Jean DeCosta, and University Diversity and Inclusivity Executive Director Annie Holmes in an email from SLO Solidarity, an unrecognized consortium of minority student groups on campus, according to Mustang News.

The ultimatum evidently drew upon similar efforts at other schools across the country for inspiration, containing a number of provisions originally pioneered elsewhere. The students also warn that they will take a page out of the Mizzou playbook and call for the resignation of school officials should administrators fail to meet their demands, though they do provide a much longer deadline than other schools have received, giving them until the winter of 2016 to submit an action plan.

“Underrepresented students at Cal Poly demand change,” the ultimatum begins, citing recent incidents in which offensive comments were written on a Free Speech Wall and a Colonial/Native American-themed party was hosted by a group of students off-campus.

“Our goal is to make Cal Poly a better place where equality for all students is realized, not just idealized,” the email asserts. “We are putting forth this list of demands to be delineated and acted on [sic] by those staff, faculty, and administrators whose job it is to represent the students of Cal Poly.”

There follows a breakdown of 41 steps that the students want the university to take, all of which have been proposed at other institutions, including mandatory diversity training, a bias incident reporting system, and significant increases in the number of minority faculty members.