Having solved all other problems in higher education, students at Oberlin have moved onto the small things.

The Chronicle Online reports.

Oberlin College students criticize food services

Some Oberlin College students have taken issue with the campus dining services at the college, saying dining services is improperly preparing dishes and labeling them as Asian.

Clover Linh Tran, a student at Oberlin and co-chair of the Vietnamese Student Association, called for a meeting with campus dining after noticing inaccuracies in several Asian dishes that confused students.

For example, a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich was being served, but used the wrong bread and had coleslaw on it rather than pickled vegetables. Another dish was called “tandoori,” an Indian dish usually served for the Hindu holiday of Diwali.

However, the dish had beef in it, which many Hindus do not eat.

The sushi served on campus was also a concern, one that some students even considered to be disrespectful.

Tran said Vietnamese pho, a type of soup, is one of the most important dishes in Vietnamese culture. The on-campus version, however, was made with mostly incorrect ingredients.

Tran met with Michele Gross, a campus dietitian and a representative from Bon Appetit, the food service company used by Oberlin College, and the two set up a broader meeting involving other students to address their concerns.

For at least one group, the meeting didn’t resolve their concerns.

“We didn’t really come to a proper consensus at the meeting. Campus dining and Bon Appetit seemed very defensive,” said Yasmine Ramachandra, treasurer of the South Asian Student Association.