TV host Montel Williams is not a fan of what’s happening on college campuses in America today.

The Huffington Post reported.

Montel Williams Slams ‘The Infantilizing Of College Students’

Television personality and former naval officer Montel Williams is sticking up for a college student who was punished over a remark he made on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak.

Colorado College student Thaddeus Pryor was given a six-month suspension earlier this month because he replied to a Yik Yak post that said “#blackwomenmatter,” with, “They matter, they’re just not hot.” The school initially planned to punish him for 21 months, but his sentence was reduced on appeal.

Williams wrote a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday defending Pryor, despite the student’s “moronic” comment. He said he has researched Pryor and believes the Colorado student isn’t racist, just a college kid who made a mistake.

“I want to protect the kid’s privacy — but we’re convinced he’s on the level,” Williams told The Huffington Post on Thursday in a Twitter direct message.

“If Colorado College is prepared to suspend this kid,” Williams added, “what’s to say they would not suspend a [Black Lives Matter] activist whose speech makes a white student uncomfortable?”