The school has since apologized for the mistake.

FOX 11 reports.

Lawrence University apologizes for printing photo with racial slur

Lawrence University is apologizing after a photo that included a racial slur was printed in the school’s newsletter.

The school says it was a mistake, but some say the situation is revealing a deeper issue.

Alumna Brienne Colston was looking at Lawrence University’s annual report when she saw something upsetting.

“I looked at the cover and I immediately saw the racial slur,” Colston told us.

The photo shows school leaders inside the cupola, or dome, of one of the school’s most recognizable buildings. There is graffiti all around, including the racial slur, which we blurred out.

University spokesperson Craig Gagnon told FOX 11 several people reviewed the picture before print.

“We never noticed this specific word amongst all of the other words and names that are in there,” he said.

Gagnon told us when the slur was brought to the school’s attention, an apology email was sent out immediately.

“It’s a terrible oversight. We were very mortified to see that. It’s offensive language. It’s not the kind of stuff that we condone,” he explained.