You’re not allowed to question the mob on college campuses today.

Peter Fricke reported at Campus Reform.

Jewish student senator faces probe for questioning anti-Israel protest

A Jewish student senator at the University of Michigan is fighting back against an ethics probe related to his criticism of an anti-Israel demonstration on campus last month.

“My actions came from my own place of hurt and that of a sizable portion of my constituency’s,” Jesse Arm told The Algemeiner. “I am saddened that my fitness for office has been called into question by virtue of my opposition to a purposefully inflammatory protest.”

Arm is currently under investigation by the Central Student Government (CSG) ethics committee for an altercation he had on November 19 with members of the Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) group, during which he questioned their decision to hold a pro-Palestine display on the same day that an American student, Ezra Schwartz, was killed by Palestinian terrorists in Israel.

“That American student was a contemporary of mine from my community with whom I shared many mutual friends,” Arm explained. “He was abroad on a gap year program that I seriously considered attending before eventually electing to enroll at Michigan. His story was my story.”

According to The College Fix, video footage of the incident shows that Arm did not resort to violence, but merely expressed his opposition to the display when he encountered it on his way to class.

“You’re not serious about this, with these signs here,” Arm tells the protesters in the video, referring to two large walls intended to symbolize the security wall between Israel and the West Bank, one of which bore the slogan, “to exist is to resist” alongside crude maps intended to illustrate Israel’s territorial expansion since 1946.