Hopefully, Florida will allow students to defend themselves.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports.

Campus Carry and a massive water bill await lawmakers in January

A proposal allowing university students to pack a gun along with laptops and textbooks for a political science class could be the first bill passed by the Florida House and Senate when they convene the 2016 legislative session in January.

Bills lifting a guns on campus ban have passed in committees in both chambers and await floor action when lawmakers return to Tallahassee next month.

Five other proposals also have completed their committee rounds and await debate in both chambers. They include a ban on the recreational shooting of firearms in residential areas, a bill creating the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program to assist individuals with disabilities in finding work and maintaining a career, a massive water bill addressing drinking water, North Florida springs and South Florida Everglades, and finally, a measure allowing a citizen to break into an unattended car if a child or animal is in the vehicle.

Another 25 bills have cleared all their committee stops in one of the chambers. They are among the 1,042 bills filed for the Legislature to consider in 2016. Lawmakers have until noon Jan.12 to submit a proposal for next year’s session.

A small fraction of those bills will survive committee action and floor debates to make it to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk to be either signed or vetoed. In 2015, 231 bills were sent to Scott out of 1,755 filed in the House and Senate. That was the fewest number of bills approved since 2000, but the 13-percent approval rate fell within the 12 -15 percent range of the past decade.