Here’s a college administrator who needs to meet some struggling, debt laden students.

Campus Reform reported:

College president says inclusivity more important than diversity, tuition costs

The President of the College of St. Scholastica (CSS) says he will devote the final year of his tenure to promoting inclusivity, arguing that diversity is more important than tuition costs or adapting to new technology.

“I believe that the most significant challenge facing our school today is not affordability or government regulation or the impact of technology,” Larry Goodwin writes in the Fall edition of St. Scholastica Magazine. “It is becoming a more diverse and inclusive community of leaders where everybody can succeed.”

Goodwin asserted that the pursuit of “inclusive excellence” will occupy the focus of his 18th and final year as president of CSS, clarifying that “this does not mean that everyone deserves an ‘A’,” but rather that “college success rates should reflect differences in ability or effort, not differences in income, race, or ethnicity.”

With the increasing diversity of the U.S. population—he notes that half of America’s high school students are projected to be non-white by 2027—Goodwin says the nation’s current failure to effectively educate those students is not just “a moral problem,” but also “represents an economic threat” due to increasing demand for high-skilled labor.