What college education would be complete without these elements?

The College Fix reports.

American University plans to insert ‘race and multiculturalism’ into general education curriculum

American University students of color are demanding more “inclusion” and an environment that makes them feel “welcome and safe,” according to The Eagle.

What that means in practice is largely undefined, and The Eagle didn’t bother to ask students for examples of racism or microaggressions they’ve experienced on campus. But there are a few clues of what’s to come in the next year.

Kiersten Gillette-Pierce, who serves in the student senate and Black Student Alliance, got her peers to approve mandatory “cultural and racial sensitivity training” for student government leaders:

She said her next steps, working with [racial-justice group] The Darkening, are to mandate the training for all clubs and organizations and eventually the whole campus by 2017.

That suggests that diversity training will become a graduation requirement for at least the class of 2021, and maybe not just in a one-time seminar:

In addition, the University’s general education program is under review and future changes may include work related to race and multiculturalism, [President Neil] Kerwin said, though he cannot state how curriculum may change.