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From our parent site, Legal Insurrection:

Students Across America DEMAND Equality, Padded Safe Spaces

I don’t harbor many memories from undergrad that are related to social justice or student protests. At one point, one guy (it was the mid-oughts, so we can assume he was one of three hippies at Purdue University) went on a hunger strike, but I can’t for the life of me remember why; all I remember is walking by his little encampment on the way to class and racking my brain for the reason why this person was slowly starving himself. It wasn’t a very effective protest.

We had the usual pro-life vs. pro-choice protesters, and a campus crier (I refuse to call him a “pastor”), and at one point a sizable demonstration popped up against a panel discussion featuring Cindy Sheehan, but nothing particularly noteworthy happened.

Oh, how the times have changed. The uproar coming from Mizzou, Amherst, UT-Austin, and other campuses across America has devolved into full-fledged lunacy. Students fed up with real and perceived microaggressions, macroaggressions, poop swastikas (both real and imagined), and racially-motivated sideeye glances are demanding action on the part of their universities.

Some enterprising individual collected those demands all in one place.

Some are longer and more detailed than others, but just about all of them contain demands for various politically correct and socially acceptable band-aids they claim will put an end to racism in America—or at least repress speech and actions that could be construed as racism…or something like it…arguably.