“It belongs in a museum!” – Indiana Jones

The Houston Chronicle reported:

University of Texas professor found this ancient, rare biblical script selling on eBay for $99

While perusing pages of antique auctions on eBay, a University of Texas professor was surprised to spot a rare, ancient fragment of the Greek New Testament inconspicuously selling for only $99.
Instead of swooping in on the deal, Dr. Geoffrey Smith urged the seller to remove the piece of history he believes to date back to sometime between 250 and 350 CE from the online auction site.
“I suspected that the fragment would end up in another private collection if the auction were allowed to continue,” he said in an email to mySA.com. “I feared that scholars would never get the chance to properly study this intriguing piece.”
Another scholar in Louisiana, Dr. Brice C. Jones, saw the listing for the papyrus scroll the same day and also spoke with the seller who wished to remain anonymous, according to The New York Times.