A University of Houston Law Center first year law student faked her own kidnapping in the throws of a personal crisis.

From Above the Law:

Student Found Bound And Gagged At Law School Faked Her Own Kidnapping

It’s almost finals time, and you know what that means: students across the country are becoming unhinged as their worlds seem to slowly unravel around them. Armed with thousands of rainbow-colored highlighters and note tabs, these students are doing all they can to stave off the breakdowns lurking in the joyless corners of their minds should the feeling of unpreparedness begin to set in. Dark times await those who falter in their studies.

What would you do to avoid having to take your final exams? Would you fake your own kidnapping? If you’re in the minority who would actually consider doing something as extreme as fabricating your own kidnapping, you’re not alone, because that seems to be exactly what happened at the University of Houston Law Center earlier this week.

On Monday evening, a student was found bound and gagged in a bathroom at Houston Law near the school’s library. Several police cars were called to the scene as well as an ambulance. She claimed that several masked men kidnapped her and later dumped her at the law school, but she had no recollection of the events that occurred in between. Soon after, it was discovered that this disturbed student made the whole thing up.