One of the more rational discussions on the matter.

From the LA Times:

How therapy can help combat college sexual assault

I am the mother of a college-aged daughter and a high school-aged son as well as a licensed psychotherapist who works with adolescents and young adults, so I read this opinion with special concerns. Young adults in a scenario described — where a sexual encounter begins consensually but progresses to intercourse without explicit consent — would benefit most from education and therapy, not excessive punishment. (“How to punish campus sexual assault,” Opinion, Nov. 24)

Still-developing brains, especially those under the influence of a substance, need help to understand choices and their consequences.

If one later regrets a sexual encounter, support in processing that is more helpful than being supported in the idea that one has been raped and ruining the college career of another. Likewise, the boy in this scenario can be helped to understand the consequences of casual sexual encounters that can become anything but.

Years ago, therapists overcorrected for years of disbelieved accounts of childhood sexual abuse. We’ve now swung the pendulum closer to the middle where it belongs, with careful interviewing and assessment techniques.