What this likely means is that Brown is going to spend $100 million on left wing diversity hires and programs.

The Guardian reports.

Brown University plans to spend $100m to improve race relations on campus

Brown University plans to spend $100m over the next decade, in order to address diversity and racism on the campus.

Brown president Christina Paxson unveiled the 19-page draft action plan on Friday, and thanked students who have called attention in recent months to issues of injustice at the Ivy League school.

The Providence Journal reported that the plan outlined steps to create a “just and inclusive campus community”. That included ways to increase Brown’s racial and ethnic diversity and add race and ethnicity to teaching and research topics.

Earlier this month, about 35 graduate students representing several student organizations demanded Brown administrators increase efforts to improve race relations. Their statement came after a visiting Dartmouth College student was detained while attending a conference for Latino Ivy League students.