Microaggressions now lead to poverty and disease?

Campus Reform reports.

UNH: gender roles and sexist jokes cause migraines, heart disease among women

The University of New Hampshire, which previously caused controversy after publishing a language guide claiming the word “American” was “problematic,” is now claiming that gender microaggressions are causing poverty and heart disease among women.

The claim is made by a university resource on gender microaggressions through the university’s “UNH Advance” program, which aims to “improve the climate for UNH faculty through fair and equitable policies, practices and leadership development.” UNH Advance is funded by the National Science Foundation, a federal agency created by Congress “to promote the progress of science.”

The document asserts that gender microaggressions have a “detrimental impact” on women, for instance by reducing their standard of living through “unequal wages” and “higher levels of poverty.”

Microaggressions, according the university, also harm women’s physical health by causing “migraines, heart disease, [and] autoimmune disorders,” as well as creating psychological health problems such as “depression, anxiety, body image dissatisfaction and eating disorders.”