It’s not good enough to be a feminist. You have to believe the right things too.

Jennifer Kabbany reports at the College Fix.

Students demand disinvitation of feminist icon who says transgender women are not real women

Here we go again.

Another group of fragile, whiny students is in a tizzy over a planned campus speech by someone with whom they disagree. This time it’s Australian feminist icon and academic Germaine Greer – described by some as an ultra-liberal and Marxist – whose upcoming speech at the UK-based Cardiff University has prompted a petition that calls on the event to be canceled.

Why? Because Greer agrees with most of mainstream America that just because a man gets a boob job, takes massive amounts of estrogen, and wears make-up and dresses, it does not make him a woman.

But the online petition accuses Greer of “misogynistic views towards trans women.”

“Trans-exclusionary views should have no place in feminism or society,” the petition adds. “Such attitudes contribute to the high levels of stigma, hatred and violence towards trans people – particularly trans women – both in the UK and across the world. While debate in a university should be encouraged, hosting a speaker with such problematic and hateful views towards marginalised and vulnerable groups is dangerous. Allowing Greer a platform endorses her views, and by extension, the transmisogyny which she continues to perpetuate. Universities should prioritise the voices of the most vulnerable on their campuses, not invite speakers who seek to further marginalise them.”

As of Sunday night, the petition had 2,280 signers.

Greer has since defended her views, saying she is “not about to walk on eggshells.” And Greer said of Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner: “He/she wanted the limelight the other female members of the family were enjoying.” As for whether she is insulting transgenders, she quipped: “I don’t care. People get insulted all the time.”