Every time you think the PC crowd couldn’t get more absurd, they step up their game.

Blake Neff reports at the Daily Caller.

Full Circle: ‘Politically Correct’ Is Now Politically Incorrect In Wisconsin

The world of campus speech codes has come full circle, with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) releasing a guide that makes the phrase “politically correct” politically incorrect.

The “Just Words” campaign, first noted by Campus Reform, is run by UWM’s Inclusive Excellence Center which says its purpose is to “raise awareness of microaggressions, their impact, [and] provide an insight into their meaning.” In line with that goal, the phrase “politically correct” (or “PC”) has been labeled a microaggression that students should avoid using.

“Over time PC has become a way to deflect, say that people are being too ‘sensitive,’ and police language,” a poster created by the Inclusive Excellence Center says. “It is disconnected from authentic understanding of impact.”

The Just Words campaign is focused on informing students, primarily via passive means like posters, of the microaggressions that pervade everyday life so they can avoid using them. On the same poster that condemns “politically incorrect,” for instance, students are also told to avoid many other words, among them:

Lame: “Ridicules and ignores the lives of amputees.”

Thug: “Assumes that violence is the sole motivating factor in an action. Ignores issues of poverty, education and other institutional barriers.”

Crazy: “[C]reates a negative and demeaning perspective of people with mental health diagnoses and undermines their, and their families [sic], struggle. ”

Man Up: “[S]uggests there is only one way to be a man. Also assumes that women can’t be courageous, strong, etc.”