Thanks to the College Republicans at the University of of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, their school will get a visit from a mobile 9/11 exhibit. When the university began teaching that the United States was responsible for the terror attacks that occurred on September 11, the College Republicans spoke up. The story went national, and now North Carolina-Chapel Hill students are receiving another perspective, or what the rest of us call “the truth.”

From Townhall:

Mobile 9/11 Exhibit Will Visit University That Teaches Students the US is to Blame for Attacks

Earlier this month Townhall reported that on a number of colleges campuses throughout the U.S., hundreds of freshmen are taking a course about 9/11—one that happens to be taught from the perspective of the terrorists.

“The Literature of 9/11,” which teaches students that that the US was to blame for the attacks and the jihadists who killed nearly 3,000 people that day were in fact freedom fighters, has students reading books like “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak.”

Thanks to uproar from the College Republicans at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, which is among the schools where the course is being taught, the controversy drew national attention.

“Our concern over the ‘Literature of 9/11′ course and its one-sided portrayal of the perspectives surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks has not abated,” Frank Pray, chairman of the UNC College Republicans, wrote in the letter to UNC Chancellor Carol L. Folt. “We continue to feel that this class is not even-handed scholarship and therefore cannot claim to truly be educating students about this issue, but rather indoctrinating them with a viewpoint that paints this nation in a negative light and is sympathetic to the terrorists’ perspectives.”