The school doesn’t even recognize Columbus Day, so what’s the point?

The College Fix reports.

Petition to replace Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ at U. of Oklahoma

A quartet of Native American University of Oklahoma students presented the college’s Student Government Association with “over 100 letters of solidarity from OU students, faculty and staff” urging a change from the Columbus Day holiday to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

The students represent a group called Indigenize OU.

One of the four, Ashley McCray, said “there are many issues with names and terminology on campus.”

The Oklahoma Daily reports:

“One of our biggest issues is with the name “sooner,” but I know we can’t tackle that in this meeting at this time,” she said.

[Indigenize OU member Sydne] Gray said she agrees, and had a big problem with OU President David Boren’s “real Sooners aren’t racist.”

McCray said the most immediate thing to address is a simple fix, which is recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.

[SGA President Alex] Byron said Columbus Day, Oct. 12, is not recognized on campus, but they will discuss addressing Indigenous Peoples Day.

Doing it in an official capacity would be a major gesture to restoring justice to the Native American community on campus, she said.