Social media has created a whole new set of problems for higher education. A student at U. Kansas was actually facing expulsion for some anonymous tweets.

Taylor Milland reported at Hot Air.

University of Kansas student won’t be expelled for anonymous tweets about ex

A University of Kansas student isn’t going to be kicked off campus for anonymously tweeting about his ex. Kansas’ Court of Appeal ruled last week Navid Yeasin had every right to tweet profane language about his ex-girlfriend because he didn’t use her name. It’s a win for the First Amendment, but really on a technicality.

None of this conduct occurred on campus or at a University sponsored or supervised event. The Student Code, the rules by which the University can impose discipline upon its students, deals only with conduct on campus or at University sponsored or supervised events. We therefore hold that the University had no authority to expel Yeasin. We affirm the district court’s similar ruling and dissolve the stay order issued in this case.

There’s no doubt Yeasin is a bad actor based on initial reports of why his ex filed a complaint against him the first place. He’d been accused of going through her Facebook messaging to find out the ex was talking to another guy,refusing to give her phone back, driving her around town against her will, and threatening her. He was even issued a no contact order by University of Kansas telling him to not contact her. But Yeasin still has every right to complain about her on Twitter because he wasn’t threatening her. It falls in the category of free speech in the First Amendment.