Is the market finally adjusting?

From USA Today:

2 more colleges just got cheaper (how much do you love tuition resets?)

Here’s a surprise: Some colleges are getting cheaper.

Rosemont College, a small liberal arts school outside of Philadelphia, is the latest school to announce that it’s cutting tuition. Tuition and fees will drop by 43% beginning in the 2016-2017 school year. The college said it hoped to make a Rosemont education accessible to more families and to bring clarity to a college financing process it calls “broken.” This comes on the heels of Utica College’s recent announcement that its tuition and fees will be reduced by 42% also starting in fall 2016.

They join a small but growing number of schools who have announced resets over the last few years.

Sharon Hirsh, president of Rosemont College, said that college tuition has become an artificial sticker price that most students do not end up paying.

“We know in the case of our families, almost none of them are paying full sticker price,” she told USA TODAY College. “Forty-three percent are the first generation to go to college, and 54% of our students are Pell Grant recipients. So these are families we especially need to tell (upfront) the ‘true’ tuition to, as well to the other families that aren’t looking at us at all because they think they can’t afford us.”